Music at Beaulieu

On a very cold evening in Beaulieu Abbey Church, the atmosphere sparkled as La Nova Singers performed a very varied programme of music from many centuries. Part of ‘Music at Beaulieu 2010’, this concert was on February 20th.

The twelve ladies of the choir were totally focused on their director and conductor Michelle Nova, and they filled the Church with clear, glorious sound. Their diction is excellent.

‘Domine Fili’ from Vivaldi’s Gloria was one memorable item, as was the medley ‘Gershwin for Girls’; and the semi-staged Fairy Chorus from Mendelssohn’s  ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was magical; but all the items had their own special appeal.

The very individual sound of this choir has to be the result of the Bel Canto technique taught by Michelle Nova, herself a fine soloist, as she demonstrated on the night.

I wouldn’t have thought 12 ladies could have produced a transfixing performance of Handel’s ‘Hallelujah Chorus’—but they did.

‘When are they coming back?’ was the question asked by many as they left at the end.

– Jane Cockeram, member of the Music at Beaulieu team

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