Even brighter than the moon moon moon – The Mega Choir!

The Mega Choir

The Mega Choir! Photo accredited to Samantha Toy 2013

Something big hit the local singing scene this May – something big, bright and very uplifting!

The Mega Choir was a huge collaborative choral event, orchestrated by the From Knowhere team in aid of mental health charity Mind. The premise was that you often cannot tell, when you first meet someone, whether they are a singer.*

Likewise, you cannot tell from looking at a person whether they have a mental health issue. The positive effect that choral singing can have on a person’s thinking and emotional state has been seen time and again; so what better way to raise awareness and funds for Mind, than to put together a massive choir?! Here’s the view from the stage:

Mega Choir - view from the stage

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Don’t answer that; it was a rhetorical question.

And thus it was that five fantastic forces of vocal virtuosity (that’s choirs, to the layperson) came together at Bournemouth’s O2 Academy to perform for a large and very appreciative audience. La Nova Singers performed alongside the Funky Little Choir; World Music Choir; Happy Heart Singers and the Chicken Soup Choir. The venue was rather impressive, and used to be called The Opera House: La Nova Singers approve.

The Chicken Soup Choir rehearse at the Mega Choir event.

The Chicken Soup Choir in rehearsal

The event was conducted by the very charismatic Mark De Lisser. Mr De Lisser has previously starred in BBC talent show ‘Last Choir Standing’ with his contemporary music choir, the ACM Gospel Choir and is a vocal coach on ‘The Voice’. But this time he had met his match…

 Mega Choir - Mark De Lisser has his photo taken with Debbie 'Superstar' Lloyd

Mark De Lisser has his photo taken with Debbie ‘Superstar’ Lloyd

It was a long day – all the singers arrived at the venue for 11.30 am, and we were there until about 10.30 when the concert finished. The From Knowhere team very kindly provided teas, coffee and a self-serve sandwich production line. There was also an additional brilliant way to raise funds for Mind, and that was through the power of cake. It was worth participating in this event just for the deliciously chocolatey Rocky Road, available in exchange for a modest charitable donation. My bit had about half a packet of Maltesers in it.

La Nova Singers backstage at The Mega Choir event in Bournemouth

Here are La Nova Singers backstage, waiting to go on as part of the Mega Choir: for the first, and quite possibly last, time you will hear dramatic soprano Michelle Nova perform songs by Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry in public!!

Mega Choir performs, whilst Mark De Lisser rocks the silver jacket. Photo accredited to Samantha Toy 2013

Mega Choir performs, whilst Mark De Lisser rocks the silver jacket. Photo accredited to Samantha Toy 2013

As well as ‘Promise This’ and ‘Firework’, the massed choir performed the classic ‘Stand By Me’ in Mark De Lisser’s distinctive arrangement; and the show closed with a feel-good sing-a-long to ‘Higher and Higher’. La Nova Singers also opened the second half with a performance of our more usual repertoire, which went down really well with the audience.

La Nova Singers perform at The Mega Choir event

La Nova Singers perform – no VPL here! Photo by Mark De Lisser.

All things considered, this was a really fantastic event and we were proud to be a part of it.

* unless it’s Michelle Nova, who radiates soprano-ness. People have been known to back away from her in supermarket checkout queues, fearing that a dramatic aria is imminent.

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