‘Meet My Choir’ on BBC Radio 3

Meet My Choir - La Nova Singers on BBC Radio 3

This afternoon, La Nova Singers had their first broadcast on national radio – an interview with our multi-talented alto/soprano/soloist/artist Anne Terkelsen, during which a few tracks of our singing were also played. The interview tells the La Nova Singers story, and is available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days (until 4/05/2014).

To listen, click here and go to 33 minutes 13 seconds in. Let us know what you think in the comments!

We’d like to thank the production team at BBC Radio 3 for giving us this fantastic opportunity to be heard by the nation’s choral fans. If you’re a singer and would like your choir to be featured in a future episode, the programme makers would love to hear from you – contact thechoir@bbc.co.uk and they’ll e-mail you a factsheet. You just record your own interview and audio tracks and they’ll do the editing.

We found the process really easy – and there are few things that can be better than the thrill of hearing your own voices come out of the radio, whilst sat in a cafe on a Sunday afternoon, everyone craning their necks over the table to hear while other customers and staff wonder who let the mad women in! Then you all pose for a photo to go on Twitter, this being the 21st Century and all.

La Nova Singers listening to themselves on Radio 3 in the Arcado Lounge, ChristchurchWe all had cakes and tea while listening to it, because that’s what we’re like.

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