Studio Choir Ladies

Who are these women? What could they be plotting?!

All will be revealed on Saturday 23 March as Michelle Nova presents ‘Light is My Heart’ – a choral concert in celebration of spring. Featuring not just La Nova Singers, not only the Bella Nova Singers young ensemble, but also – performing for the first time! – sixteen women from Michelle’s Bel Canto choral course. They will be singing under the name ‘Studio Choir’.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to the stage for this joint concert, which will take place at 7.30 PM in West Cliff Baptist Church, Westbourne. Tickets are now available for the ‘early bird’ price of £10 – contact Lisa in our Box Office at Proceeds will go to Macmillan Caring Locally.


Bears Aloud!

Time to share a few more photos from our Children in Need fundraising concert last week! Here we all are, sporting our fabulous Pudsey ears – and featuring new member Alison in the Second Soprano section…

And below, the girls from Bella Nova Singers brave the cold to collect money from the fine people of Ringwood:

Our most important contributors got a Children in Need sticker!

Tomorrow La Nova Singers will be back in the recording studio, putting down some more tracks for our upcoming CD! We’ll also have some behind-the-scenes footage from the last recording session for you, coming very soon – here on the La Nova Blog.

Thank you, Ringwood!

La Nova Singers & Bella Nova sing for Children in Need 2012, with Celia Cologne on piano. Photo by Rivendell Designs Photography.

Thank you Ringwood for raising a magnificent £365 in two hours on Saturday morning from 11 until about 1pm.

This 3pt ladies choir, dressed in its own-logo-purple t-shirts and teddy bear ears head gear, was invited to entertain for Children in Need in the Meeting House venue, accompanied by local musician Celia Cologne.  At one point there was some choral competition from 4 of Michelle’s teenage pupils as they drummed-up trade in the Sainsbury quadrangle, then joined us in the Meeting House for a session.  Finally we all moved back up outside, ending with a selection of Christmas carols.  Thank you WEATHER for being on our side, but most of all THANKYOU RINGWOOD FOR YOUR GENEROSITY TO CHILDREN IN NEED.

– Celia Cologne, local musician and accompanist extraordinaire!

We’d also like to thank those at the Meeting House, not only for kindly hosting us but for all their help in promoting the event; and of course Celia herself. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Marie Curie Walk Ten at Stourhead Gardens

In early September, the singers made their way to Wiltshire to perform at a very special event: the Marie Curie ‘Walk Ten’ twilight walk. Hundreds of walkers were serenaded in distinctive La Nova style as they strolled past Stourhead Gardens’ famous lake, by way of a mystical hidden grotto. Later, as the sun was setting, the singers perfomed ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ as memory lanterns were lit and lights twinkled amongst the trees.

La Nova Singers are always on the look out for an interesting – if not wacky – place to sing!! Preferably one that has a decent mobile signal, so Mel can multi-task singing and organising her wedding…

Ascending to the summit of the grotto…

We must dance and we must sing, round about our fairy ring!

We’re not sure if the above photo shows us imitating a ring of dainty fairies… or a coven of crafty witches. Hail thou, Macbeth!

“Look! There’s a man with a camera!!”

As the sun sets over Stourhead, out come the fairy lights and glow-in-the-dark halos, and La Nova Singers strike a pose (… that unfortunately doesn’t show up very well on camera because of the aforementioned sunset)!

Stay tuned for video footage, filmed in the dark, where it appears as though we are being conducted by a phosphorescent Creature from the Black Lagoon…!

Concert for the 20th Annual Thomas Hardy Festival

August is usually the time of our annual summer break – a few weeks off from rehearsal and singing lessons, where we can all take the chance to relax before Christmas concert preparations start in the autumn. However, this year an opportunity presented itself that we couldn’t turn down…

The Thomas Hardy International Conference and Festival takes place in Dorchester, and welcomes attendees not only from all parts of the UK, but from Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. As well as academic talks, poetry readings and walks around Hardy Country, the festival features a programme of entertainment. We were invited to give a concert, loosely based around settings of poetry and folk song.

All the usual suspects for such a concert were there – Ralph Vaughan Williams’ ‘Dorset folk song’ Linden Lea, arranged for female choir; the Skye boat song; and Rachel Scivier’s emotional performance of ‘Her Song’, a setting of a Hardy poem. However there were also a few surprises, including comic relief provided by Gilbert and Sullivan’s Three Little Maids. The first half ended with the première of the SSAA arrangement of ‘Quanta Qualia’, the well-known piece by English composer Patrick Hawes.

Throughout the concert, piano accompaniment was provided by our new pianist, Celia Cologne. Celia gave a fantastic performance and we are all looking forward to working with her in the future. Steven Howard also provided flute embellishment on some songs.

Of course, being La Nova Singers, we couldn’t resist finishing with a dramatic flourish – the Easter Hymn from Pietro Mascagni’s opera ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’! Not a piece that is particularly associated with Thomas Hardy – but a spectacular end to an eclectic evening’s entertainment.