Adopt a Composer – The journey begins!

Our first blog post is up on the Making Music website is up – hear about the start of our exciting Adopt a Composer journey. 

Dorset has some beautiful, historic churches, rich with architectural merit. This was not one of them.

The venue for our first Adopt a Composer workshop with Ed Scolding was resplendent in orange and brown patterned wallpaper, of the type popular in the 1970’s. This was paired with turquoise paintwork, and with a curious musty odour.

As the choir gathered in this inauspicious place, we all had questions about what was about to happen!

The fifteen members of my choir, La Nova Singers, are trained in a specific vocal technique by our musical director Michelle Nova. She specialises in ‘bel canto’, which translates as ‘beautiful singing’. Because of this, our rehearsals are usually focussed on sound production and perfecting our tone. Always preparing for the next concert means we don’t often get the chance to take a step back and work on other aspects of musicianship. This workshop, as well as helping ‘our’ composer get to know us musically and personally, would be a welcome break from routine.

To read more, go here: La Nova Singers reflect on their first Adopt a Composer meeting. 


‘Meet My Choir’ on BBC Radio 3

Meet My Choir - La Nova Singers on BBC Radio 3

This afternoon, La Nova Singers had their first broadcast on national radio – an interview with our multi-talented alto/soprano/soloist/artist Anne Terkelsen, during which a few tracks of our singing were also played. The interview tells the La Nova Singers story, and is available to listen again on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days (until 4/05/2014).

To listen, click here and go to 33 minutes 13 seconds in. Let us know what you think in the comments!

We’d like to thank the production team at BBC Radio 3 for giving us this fantastic opportunity to be heard by the nation’s choral fans. If you’re a singer and would like your choir to be featured in a future episode, the programme makers would love to hear from you – contact and they’ll e-mail you a factsheet. You just record your own interview and audio tracks and they’ll do the editing.

We found the process really easy – and there are few things that can be better than the thrill of hearing your own voices come out of the radio, whilst sat in a cafe on a Sunday afternoon, everyone craning their necks over the table to hear while other customers and staff wonder who let the mad women in! Then you all pose for a photo to go on Twitter, this being the 21st Century and all.

La Nova Singers listening to themselves on Radio 3 in the Arcado Lounge, ChristchurchWe all had cakes and tea while listening to it, because that’s what we’re like.