New Uniforms

New Uniforms - La Nova OnesiesOn our trip to Winchester to hear The Sixteen in concert earlier this year, Debbie and Su B stopped off at the market to investigate some new uniforms for the choir…

The Sixteen at Winchester Cathedral

- not The Sixteen!

On 13 April, La Nova Singers went on a day out to Winchester to watch Harry Christophers and The Sixteen on their Choral Pilgrimage. We all really enjoyed the concert and the chance to be in the audience for once! The Sixteen are justly renowned for bringing exposure to beautiful but less well known works from the Renaissance period.

I went to my first The Sixteen concert last night in Winchester and thought it was simply wonderful. The CDs don’t do the voices justice – you have to hear them live. I wasn’t familiar with Brumel but his music moved me.

– Su Buckler, La Nova Singer